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A Guide to Preparing Certified Free-Range Christmas Ham from The Meat Store

A Guide to Preparing Certified Free-Range Christmas Ham from The Meat Store - The Meat Store

The holiday season is upon us……again, and it's time to start planning that special Christmas feast, bringing together family & friends

The centrepiece of every Australian Christmas Day spread, the main course that has stood the test of time is the classic Christmas leg ham. 

But not just any ham – we're talking about a certified free-range double smoked leg ham sourced from Australia, where quality and ethical practices is paramount. 

Now you have the perfect ham, but how do you prepare it?

In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of preparing your succulent, mouthwatering certified free-range Christmas ham.

Why Choose Certified Free-Range Ham?

Before we dive into the delicious details, let's talk about the importance of choosing certified free-range ham. These hams come from pigs that have been raised in humane conditions, with access to the outdoors, clean living spaces, and a diet that prioritises their welfare. 

When you choose certified free-range ham, you not only support ethical farming practices but also enjoy a superior product that's rich in flavour.

Step 1: Selecting Your Certified Free-Range Ham

The first step in preparing a delectable Christmas ham is choosing the right one to suit your needs. 

Do you need a whole free range ham or half free range ham?

If half, which type? The hock end or chump end?

If you are unsure you can always pop into The Meat Store that closest to you! Whether it’s our store in Caringbah or Bondi Junction.

Here you can look around & see it for yourself! Visualising your Christmas lunch masterpiece, your guest salivating ready to tuck in.

Or you can always do the quick eye test & check out our range of hams on our website!

Along with our certified free-range ham, we also provide of premium range of 100% Australian pork roasts,

ensuring that you're getting the finest quality meat for your Christmas celebration.

Step 2: Preparing Your Ham

Once you have your certified free-range ham from The Meat Store, it's time to prepare it for the holiday feast. Follow these simple steps:


  • Certified free-range Christmas ham
  • Cloves (optional)
  • Brown sugar
  • Dijon mustard
  • Honey
  • Pineapple rings (optional)
  • Maraschino cherries (optional)


Preheat your oven to 160°C (320°F).

Score the ham: Use a sharp knife to create a diamond pattern on the ham's surface. This not only enhances its presentation but also allows the glaze to penetrate the meat.

Insert cloves (optional): If you enjoy the traditional aroma and taste of cloves, insert them into the intersections of the diamond pattern.

Prepare the glaze: In a bowl, mix brown sugar, Dijon mustard, and honey to create a sweet and savoury glaze. 

Adjust the quantities to suit your taste preferences.

Glaze the ham: Generously brush the glaze over the scored ham, ensuring it gets into the crevices for maximum flavour.

Decorate (optional): For a festive touch, you can add pineapple rings and maraschino cherries to the ham. Secure them in place with toothpicks.

Bake: Place your ham in a baking dish, and bake in the preheated oven. The cooking time will depend on the size of your ham, but a general guideline. Remember to baste the ham with the glaze every 20 minutes to keep it moist and flavourful.

Serve: Once your certified free-range Christmas ham is beautifully caramelised, it's ready to delight your taste buds.


This Christmas, elevate your festive feast with a certified free-range ham from The Meat Store, Sydney grass fed, free range & ethical meat specialists.

By choosing ethically sourced and deliciously prepared ham, you'll not only enjoy a mouthwatering meal but also support sustainable farming practices. From selecting the perfect ham to mastering the glaze, you now have the knowledge to create a Christmas centrepiece that will leave everyone craving seconds. So, get ready to celebrate Christmas Sydney with a ham that's as exceptional as the occasion itself.