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Keto Meat Box

Keto Meat Box
Keto Meat Box


WHAT IS KETO? Keto is short ketogenic which is way of eating promoting a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate that if followed helps to loose weight by adapting the body to use fat as a fuel source rather than sugars and carbohydrates. Though weight loss is the most highlighted outcome of following the Keto way of eating it also helps to increase mental focus, energy levels, sleep pattern, acne and blood pressure.

Keto Meat Box Includes:

1kg Grass Fed Premium Beef Mince
1 x 1kg Australian Rindless Bacon
1kg Grass Fed Scotch Fillet Steaks (4 x 250g)
1kg La Ionica Chicken Thighs
1.5kg Borrowdale Free Range Pork Belly
1.6kg Grass Fed Lamb Shoulder Bone In
250g Organic Salted Butter
870ml The Meat Store Organic Chicken Broth
12 Dozen Eggs