The modern age has seen the rise of the factory farm. These massive farms turn out enormous quantities of meat and poultry, but their methods are a far cry from what we have used through the course of history as agriculturalists. The industrial nature of these huge operations has fundamentally changed not only many practices, but in some cases, the meat itself.

These farms were created to feed ever-growing populations in our cities, but to a point, the old-school notion of the family farm began to wane as these massive stockyards, crewed by professional herders, entrenched on their land and undercut their prices. To counteract the growing influence of such farms, and to ensure the quality of meats, many consumers are turning to alternate providers.

In Australia, the term ‘organic’ comes with a variety of meanings attached to it. Unlike in other countries, such as the United States, it is not governed by a set of set rules. It is a term that roughly applies to:

A humane treatment of animals
The usage of humane slaughtering techniques
The proper application of quality, natural animal feeds
A natural environments for animal rearing

At The Meat Store, we ensure that we are selecting the finest cuts of meat and poultry; not at the behest of cost, like many of our competitors, but by virtue of the finest tastes. In our experience, meat that has been raised well, fed natural feeds and slaughtered humanely tastes better. As well, the dining experience is not sullied by the notion that an animal had to suffer for it.

For more information on how we source our meats, we are more than happy to have a chat with you. Contact The Meat Store at our Bondi or Taren Point stores, or give us a call today!

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