What’s your favourite part of Christmas? Yes, the festivities are always amazing and everybody loves giving & receiving gifts, but good food somehow wins over everything else. Though our tables are laden with so many dishes on this grand occasion, most of us love the Christmas ham the most whether it has been glazed or studded. Plus, the leftovers make a tasty and quick snack.

So how do you select the best one for this festive occasion? With so many stores offering a variety of hams, it can be hard to decide which ones of them would be the freshest and of the most quality. Let’s take a look, and find out.

Check out the muscle tone and the fat content
How do you glaze the ham? Most of you would just skin it off, store the fatty part and glaze on top of that. So the meat shouldn’t be too lean if you want to enjoy a delicious taste.

Read through the ingredients
Be sure to check out the ingredients labels on the cover. Avoid anything with gluten, additives or preservatives if you want to stay away from allergies and other common health problems. And when you are having over a large group of people for Christmas lunch, this becomes even more important.

Look around for fresh products
The best Christmas hams are those that are produced only a month before and not earlier. Some companies start making them as early as October; at Christmas time, all these hams are too old and thus, harden up or develop a plastic kind of texture. What about the taste?? It isn’t fresh anymore, so definitely not that good.

Try poking the ham
Probably one of the best ways to tell if a ham is fresh. So try touching and poking the ham around; it should have a nice, soft and a moist kind of feel. Serve this on the festival day and it will taste deliciously juicy and superb; primarily because it maintains its texture till then.

See if you can get a slice to try
Some stores may offer you a free slice to taste their ham. Look for something that has a soft smoky flavour and a dense texture. It should not feel rubbery.

And don’t forget the after treatment
Treat the ham properly if you want to store it after Christmas. Wrap it up properly and store in the fridge or the freezer if you want to save it for a longer period. Using a pillow case or ham bag would also allow you to use it for a longer time, right through January. Yes, plenty of fillings for a deliciously tasty sandwich.

Drop in at our store or shop online
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