When Chef Pete Evans dropped in to our butchers shop in the eastern suburbs the other day, we were understandably a little starstruck. This stalwart of the health food blogosphere made his bones as a master chef, cooking meals for celebrities such as Martha Stewart and even royalty, the Prince and Princess of Denmark. But he has increasingly focused on healthy diets. His expertise, and his enthusiasm, sets an example for anyone looking to improve their diet and quality of life.

Pete’s devotion to taste and healthy living brought us on to his radar, in search of some of our Borrowdale Free Range Pork. As he correctly noted, it is the only pork behind our counter. As a proponent of healthy living and quality meats, there are a number of reasons why this pork is on his list of ingredients

Pigs aren’t natural herbivores, like cows. They are omnivorous, who in their grazing, can and do work their way through a large variety of foodstuffs. But owing to this degree of greed, factory farms have introduced a number of additions to pig’s feed which deters from not only the health of the pig, but also from that of whomever winds up eating its meat.

Pig feeds will typically make use of their wide diet, but they do so with an eye for the quick growth and sale weight of the animal – not the dietary benefits down the line. This means that feeds can include such elements as rotten meat, manure, and even plastic, as it is thought to replace the dietary fibre they require. They are also often fed a variety of antibiotics, to encourage weight gain. These elements of their diet create an end product that is a far cry from its natural self.

Contrast this with natural, pasture-grown pork, the hallmark of our vaunted Borrowdale Free Range product. Grown and raised on a 10 000 acre farmland in the Darling Downs, these pigs are able to forage and feed in a method with close similarities to their natural diet. This means that the end result comes with considerable health benefits; it is a leaner meat, with a superior Omega 3/6 balance. And most importantly, the taste is far superior.

Your eastern suburbs butchers at The Meat Store look forward to more meetings with this gentleman. Check out Pete’s facebook page for some great cooking and lifestyle tips here.

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