We are a family run business passionate about promoting and providing grass fed, organic and free range products to our community.

Inspired by our own desires to live a happy and healthy life, we believe that serving your family healthy nutritious food should be a given, not a privilege.

We are a family run business who are passionate about bringing sustainably sourced grass fed, free range and organic products to our customers.

, About Us

Why Grass Fed

From our own experience with bad health and wanting to make a change we want to share our knowledge of grass fed meat and the health and environmental benefits to everyone.

, About Us

Our Journey

We are a family run business that prides ourselves on providing the community with grass fed meat, organic and free range products.
Join the Meat Store Family as we share stories, giving back and the health benefits of our produce to the community.

, About Us

Service with love

We take pride in giving our customers a service that is like family, we care about your health and want to give you the best produce and experience possible. When in store be sure to ask our friendly staff about your next cut of meat, the health benefits and what matches with your selection.

Want to feel good today?

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